About us

about the founder

Suzy Hovanesyan founded Sheera Sweets in 2015 after identifying a need for a healthy and gourmet alternative to sugary sweets. A Los Angeles native, Ms. Hovanesyan’s extensive travels and cultural background instilled a strong desire to source premium dates from around the world and create gourmet concoctions by combining them with the finest nuts, chocolate, and marzipan.

Highly sought after and desired by global financial institutions, diplomatic missions, luxury retailers, hotels, and celebrities alike, Suzy’s delectable and healthy confections embody the delicate balance between artisanal tradition and the pursuit of perfection. After much success, Ms. Hovanesyan founded what is most often referred to as the hidden gem of Beverly Hills. Café Sheera Beverly Hills, opened in late 2018 in an effort to further expand upon the luxury coffee and Mediterranean sweets experience.

Ms. Hovanesyan holds a Masters Degree from USC and is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

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About the Café

The story starts in the heart of the Mediterranean. With its rich soil and warm climate, Sheera's premium dates are nurtured and cultivated east of the Mediterranean. Thoroughly sourced, we have combined the finest dates, nuts, chocolate, and baklava to create the flavors that embody the delicate balance between artisanal tradition and the pursuit of perfection.

Our Mediterranean masters create world-class confectionary masterpieces by bringing together the perfect harmony of the world's finest and most expensive natural ingredients - without any chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Crossing borders and boundaries, welcome to a world where East meets West - a delicious playground of gourmet luxury.

Cafe Sheera Interior shot