Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sheera mean? 

"Sheera" means "sweet" in a multitude of languages. 

Where do your dates come from? 

All our dates are cultivated from the world's premier desert date farms in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. We do not utilize any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

What is the shelf life for the dates?

Please keep your dates in a cool, dry environment and consume them within 4-6 weeks (though you may find that very hard given how incredible they taste).

What are Jewels™?

Our exclusive collection of Jewels™ are nuts hand-blended to a paste and individually adorned with an assortment of pistachios, almonds, pine nuts, and hazelnuts.

What is the shelf life for the Jewels™? 

Jewels™ should be consumed within 2 weeks and stored in a cool, dry environment. 

Will eating dates affect my diabetes? 

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, consumption of dates by diabetic individuals does not result in a significant increase of glucose in the body. Dates are a low glycemic index food and do not increase blood sugar levels when used in a healthy, balanced diet. 

Are your products vegan or gluten-free?

We love being gluten free! All of our stuffed, chocolate covered dates, and marzipan jewels are vegan and gluten-free. 

Can I customize my assortment?

Absolutely. Please contact us at or visit our store at 443 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Do your products contain nuts?

The majority of our sweets include nuts and are processed in a facility that uses nuts. However, we do carry several sweets that do not contain nuts. Please contact us for a full list of these items. 

Do you provide catering services?

Absolutely. We can provide catering services for any of your special events, from custom trays to personalized gift boxes. Please contact us at for more information.